Professor John Dickinson to work with the British Council

Professor John Dickinson will be working with the British Council to deliver their Science in Schools Outreach programme in schools in France. The programme aims to deliver a scientific topic in English to French school students.

To deliver the project, Professor John Dickinson will work with English, Science and PE teachers. He would usually deliver this in person and get the students to engage in our usual Inside Sport Science activities, however due to COVID, Professor John Dickinson has had to find a new way of delivering the programme due to travel restrictions.

This year he has focused the project around reaction time and skill development. This week, Professor John Dickinson has been training the teachers in France to deliver a Reaction Time workshop with their students to consider the different type of reaction time and what factors might increase or decrease reaction time. The students in France will engage with the activity and write up scientific poster to display what they are found out.

On the 18th December Professor John Dickinson will deliver a live session to the students in France via Microsoft Teams to present some of the research we do at Kent and explain some scientific principles about how goalkeepers save penalties.