Electric scooters on campus

electric scooter

Heading onto campus on an electric scooter? With the growing popularity of e-scooters, we ask Estates how they can be stored safely on campus.

Students are able to lock both scooters and bikes in the lockable compound behind the Rochester Building, next to the Gillingham Building car park. Unfortunately e-scooters are not allowed into buildings as they can cause an obstruction, becoming an health and safety concern especially with limited space due to Covid-19 restrictions.

In order to use the lockable compound, students need to email medwaycardaccess@kent.ac.uk with the 6 digit number on the back of their cards to get swipe access.

Estates have advised that students should use an additional lock on the scooters when they are inside of the compound as lots of people have access to the facility.

You can find open access shelters on the Medway campus for bikes at the Drill Hall Library and Medway Building.