EVH and Breathing Assessment/Training

man breathing equipment

High-quality research undertaken in the School of Sport and Exercise Sciences feeds into the work of the Respiratory Clinic, which means our advice and support reflects the latest developments in the field. Testing can reveal underlying respiratory issues.

The clinic focuses on testing and assessments for exercise-related breathing problems including Exercise Induced Asthma (EIA). EIA, if undiagnosed, can limit an athlete’s performance and affect their health but many athletes are unaware that they have the condition.

At our clinic, we offer the ‘gold standard’ test for EIA. Once we have made a diagnosis, we guide clients through well-established treatment paths, which allow them to exercise and compete without any limitations.

We welcome individual athletes, regular exercisers and teams to our clinic. We also offer an EIA screening service, where we take our mobile EVH challenge equipment to a training venue and can screen up to 15 athletes in four hours.

There are four services available from the clinic:

Option 1: EVH challenge (£280)

This assessment will test for exercise induced asthma. You will receive an analysis of your resting lung function and airway inflammation (FeNO). The involves completing 6 minutes high intensity breathing and more lung function tests afterwards. This is the most sensitive assessment for exercise induced asthma. It is also a helpful assessment to judge the control of an individual’s exercise induced asthma.

Option 2: Breathing assessment and training (£160)

This assessment will provide an analysis of your breathing pattern at rest and during exercise. It is especially helpful for people who experience their breathing is limiting the intensity they can exercise. Following the assessment an individualised breathing training programme will be provided.

Option 3: Combination of EVH and breathing training ( £360)

Option 4: Follow-up breathing training (£120)

This session provides an analysis of the breathing pattern and looks to track improvements from previous sessions. At the follow-up sessions progressions to exercises will be offered to further breathing pattern efficiency during exercise.

You can book your session from the Kent Online Store.