Professor John Dickinson awarded BASES Fellowship

BASES Fellowship certificate

The School of Sport and Exercise Sciences are delighted that Professor John Dickinson has been awarded a BASES Fellowship by the BASES Board.

Professor John Dickinson joins a select group of sport and exercise scientists who have been awarded a BASES Fellowship since BASES was founded in 1984. A BASES Fellowship is awarded to recognise esteemed professional achievement, skills, knowledge and service to BASES and the sport and exercise science community, and encourages continued service to BASES in leadership and ambassadorial roles.

Professor John Dickinson has been a BASES member since initiating his PhD studies in 2003. Since this time, he has engaged with BASES regularly through various pathways including:

  • Being a BASES accredited applied sports scientists since 2006. Through the accreditation process, he had to demonstrate his continued involvement in BASES through attending the annual conference and engaging in BASES CPD workshops.
  • Delivering sessions within BASES workshops focusing on respiratory function assessments.
  • Leading the writing of a BASES expert statement on the on Assessment and Management of Non-asthma Related Breathing Problems in Athletes.
  • Regularly presented abstracts at both BASES annual and student conferences as well as supporting PhD students to present at the conferences.
  • Chairing free communication sessions duties at BASES conferences.
  • Reviewed journal articles for the Journal of Sport Sciences.
  • Consistently supported and promoted BASES and the BASES course accreditation within the University of Kent. Professor John Dickinson has also acted as a network rep for BASES promoting BASES to our undergraduate and postgraduate students.
  • Currently contributing a Lung Function Assessment chapter to the 2nd Edition of the BASES Sport and Exercise Testing Guidelines book.

Professor John Dickinson shares his contribution to the sports science community:

“I am an established international expert for applied practice and research into athlete respiratory care. I have published > 30 original research papers, edited The Complete Guide to Respiratory Care in Athletes book and written 3 book chapters related to supporting athletes with respiratory problems.

Through my research and applied practice I have led changes in policy and practice to enhance the respiratory care athlete’s receive. I have directly supported > 2,000 UK based elite athletes to prepare for Olympic Games and World Championships. I have transferred knowledge from my research and practice to practitioners working within elite sport (e.g. English Institute of Sport) through to the NHS.

My research has influenced changes to World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) policy on the use of asthma therapy by athletes. I have been an expert advisor to the House of Commons Culture, Media and Sport Select Committee and been an expert witness for cases involving high profile international athlete anti-doping cases.

My engagement with the global media has reached over 68 million people around the world, significantly enhancing the international profile of myself and the sport and exercise sciences community.

I lead sports and exercise science outreach programmes focused at engaging students and raising their aspirations to consider higher education study. My outreach work has engaged over 5,000 students in over 200 school across the UK and France. I have also led the delivery of sports and exercise science outreach activities at various national museums (e.g. Natural History Museum, Manchester Science Museum).”

The achievement of this accolade will be announced in the Winter’20 TSES, the 2019-20 Annual Report and officially at the BASES online briefing webinar on Monday 16 November.