Is a postgraduate programme for me?

With graduation just around the corner for many students, it is a great time to start thinking about what to do next. .

Being so close to the finish line, the final year at university can lead to a whirlwind of emotions. There is so much to look forward to, but it is also a time of big decisions about life after graduation. On top of this, deadlines need to be met and revision undertaken for the upcoming final exams. This testing period of time would make even the toughest of people stressed and anxious.

Some students will know exactly what they want to do after they graduate, but for most worry, doubt and fear come into play around this time. This feeling is completely normal and you can tackle this feeling by preparing for what happens next. You can do this by undertaking some research into your options, and trying to work out what is best for you.

After you graduate, there are generally two options; find a job and embark on life as an adult paying tax and working five days a week, or continue your education by undertaking a postgraduate programme. In the current highly competition job market, employers often favour applicants that have experience, and students with undergraduate degrees are still not necessarily guaranteed jobs. Therefore, further developing your current knowledge and experience with a postgraduate degree could boost your job opportunities for the future.

Postgraduate programmes give students a great opportunity to further their education and become an expert in their field of study, likely placing them above applicants just holding an undergraduate degree. If you currently coming to the end of your 3rd year, and unsure on what to do next, we recommend you look into the postgraduate degree programmes at the University of Kent to see if they are right for you.

The School of Sport and Exercise Sciences offer a range of postgraduate programmes:

MSc by Research and Thesis:

  • A one year course where you undertake a research
  • Flexible in topic, allowing you to research an area you are interested in
  • Applicable for anyone with a 2.2 grade or above

MSc. Sport and Exercise Science

  • A one year course where students undertake taught modules and a research dissertation
  • Offers further academic study and practical experience
  • Applicable for anyone with a 2.2 grade or above


  • Three year course where you undertake a research project
  • Applicable for postgraduates who have received master’s degrees

When choosing a postgraduate degree, it’s useful to look at the topics you are passionate about; or would like to take up as a profession. If you are considering a postgraduate degree and would like more information; we would advise you to speak with your Academic Advisor or contact a potential supervisor in the school.

You may find that looking for a job is the next step that is right for you; if so, we recommend you contact the Careers and Employability Service.  There is a big gap between university life and accepting your first 9-5 job. The careers and employability service can help with CV writing, preparing applications, and interview skills. Finally, don’t forget, you still have time to get some real-life experience for your CV by undertaking some volunteering work before you graduate. This could be crucial in securing your first job, or place on a postgraduate degree course.