SSES staff lead European symposium on the use of brain stimulation in sport

Dr Lex Mauger and former SSES PhD student Dr Luca Angius will be presenting work on brain stimulation, conducted in the SSES, and the annual European College of Sports Science in Prague this summer.

Dr Lex Mauger is a leading researcher in the use of non-invasive brain stimulation and he has brought together a panel of experts to present and discuss about the use, misuse and efficacy of brain stimulation in sport.

The invited symposium, titled ‘Brain stimulation: An emerging phenomenon in sport and exercise’, will involve presentations from Dr Lex Mauger (Senior Lecturer, University of Kent), Dr Luca Angius (Research Fellow, Northumbria University) and Dr Ashlee Hendy (Lecturer, Deakin University) regarding the use of brain stimulation to improve sporting performance, rehabilitation and its potential for ‘brain doping’.

The non-invasive brain stimulation is a technique that involves passing a mild electrical current between two electrodes placed on the head. It is suggested to moderate brain activity which some studies have shown can improve sporting performance and improve rehabilitation for some clinical conditions. Its use is becoming more prevalent, but there a few quality studies showing how and if it works in this context. The aim of the symposium organised by Lex will be to evaluate and discuss the existing evidence behind this novel technique.

Lex Mauger, Senior Lecturer and symposium lead ‘this symposium will be a great opportunity to bring together different expertise in order to explain and discuss the various uses of brain stimulation in sport and exercise.

Much the of research underpinning this symposium was conducted at the SSES and has been featured on BBC Horizon, Stade 2 and NBC Today.