Undergraduates win ‘Best Poster’ at Exercise Group Study Day.

Congratulations to our students involved in the project ‘ An Evaluations of Phase IV Participants’ who’s submissions was awarded best poster of the mini conference.

On Friday 18.05.2018 Steve Meadows attended the British Association of Cardiac Prevention & Rehabilitation (BACPR) annual Exercise Professionals Group Study Day at Aston University in Birmingham. A poster was presented based on an undergraduate project completed this year titled ‘An Evaluation of Phase IV Participants’. The undergraduate students involved in this project were Amy Cunliffe (Sport & Exercise for Health), Cameron Prior (Sport Therapy) and Katie Small (Sport & Exercise for Health), with data analysis help from PhD student, Anna Pastrana-Ferrusola. The project involved them recruiting and testing people involved in a community cardiac rehabilitation programme, known as a Phase IV session, to assess key health parameters (BMI, waist circumference and blood pressure) and functional capacity using the 6-minute walk test – which is a standard fitness test used in cardiac rehabilitation. The value of this project was in assessing the status of these cardiac patients in terms of cardiovascular disease risk management, and potential future secondary health events. The key research question was that all the participants were active, but were they physically fit and healthy? A comparison was also made to Phase III cardiac rehabilitation (clinically supervised exercise phase)

Congratulations to Amy, Cameron, Katie, and Anna!

Roisin Cox who is an SSES alumni and leads the SSES stroke rehabilitation work at Medway Park, also had a poster at the event titled ‘Should exercise be used as medicine in stroke rehabilitation?’.