Inside Sport Sciences Project Competitions success!

Congratulations to Mid Kent College who won the SSES annual school’s competition.

The competition is a 4-part event where 11 schools in the local area took part in different aspects of sports science. The first visit school complete a variety of different workshops including performing under pressure, perception and reactions and testing the bodies performance. By the end of this initial visit, students had designed their own research project. During the second visit, the student collected data in the SSES laboratories. The third visit involved students analysing their data and creating a poster presentation and abstracts ready for the presentation evening. The event concluded last night at the presentation evening where students presented theirs to family and friends. As a department, we were very impressed with the determination and energy students showed by the students when completing the project and most importantly we are thrilled by the calibre of work that was produced by the students. It was a hard decision by the judges, but the winners of the competition were Mid Kent College, with the Chatham Grammar School for Girl and The Marsh Academy taking second and third place. The presentation evening ended with a meet and greet with Gillingham FC’s Gary Hemes (Head of Sports Science and Medicine) and Kilal Irving, a professional basketball player, where our visitors could ask questions and take photos together.