Congratulations to Kyra De Coninck on her successful Pint of Science application

Kyra De Coninck

Pint of Science is an international initiative to bring ground-breaking research to a wider audience in more informal venues. The University of Kent is putting together a series of Pint of Science presentations in both Canterbury and Medway. One of which will be Kyra’s project titled ‘Crawling under skin (using ultrasound): the secret life of fascia’.

Kyra’s research focuses on understanding the structure and function of layers right under the skin, called fascia. These layers wrap around every muscle, bone and organ in the body. Only now are we beginning to understand that fascia play an important role in movement, tissue healing and chronic pain. For instance, when healthy people are running or kicking a ball, layers of fascia in the lower back slide over each other. However, in some people with lower back pain, these layers can be damaged. Kyra investigates fascia using ultrasound imaging. With the help of latex artwork created for this talk by Kent-based artist Wendy Daws, you will be able to explore the secret life of fascia.

The evening also includes talks on imaging autism and health psychology by University of Kent academics.

Date: Monday 15th May, 7.00 pm


Jolly Sailor, 75 Northgate, Canterbury CT1 1BA

Tickets have now gone on sale, you can find them here.