#TheOtherSideOfSTEM project

#TheOtherSideofSTEM project

Societies across Kent are collaborating on The Other Side of STEM project to celebrate British Science Week. The collaboration includes Women in STEM, Kent Maths, Bio Soc, Chem Soc, Kent Marrow, Kent Space Soc and Kent Marketing Soc, and aims to showcase the diversity of people in STEM.

A paper recently published in the Journal of Vascular Surgery (now retracted), examined the prevalence of ‘unprofessional’ social media content among young vascular surgeons. It detailed how behaving outside of the expected roles for young professionals in STEM fields is ‘detrimental’ to their careers, and still carries a stigma.

In response, societies at Kent have joined together to create an online showcase of people in STEM, celebrating their interests, hobbies and abilities.

The showcase is open to all studying or working in STEM, and a random prize draw will take place at the end with the winners receiving Amazon vouchers.

Entry instructions:

  1. Post either one or multiple pictures/clips/videos In the same post of you showcasing your hobby, talent or creation
  2. In the captions write a few lines about it! What made you take it up? Why do you like it?
  3.  Include your name, university and STEM course currently studying OR if you’re not studying, what STEM related job do you work as?
  4. Tag @theothersideofstem on your post and add #theothersideofstem in the caption

For full details about the competition and to see all the submissions, follow @theothersideofstem on Instagram.