New book on cyber security career path featuring Professor Shujun Li: ‘Confident Cyber Security’

Confident cyber security

Professor Shujun Li, Professor of Cyber Security at the School of Computing and Director of Kent Interdisciplinary Research Centre in Cyber Security (KirCCS), has contributed to Dr Jessica Barker’s best-selling book: Confident Cyber Security.

Dr Jessica Barker is a renowned cyber security expert in the human nature of cyber security, Co-Founder and Co-CEO of Cygenta and a member of KirCCS’s Advisory Board. The book aims to encourage more people to go for a cyber security career. Professor Shujun Li appears in Chapter 14 “The Future of Cyber Security and What it Means for Your Career” to showcase a cyber security career in academia.

Confident Cyber Security Confident Cyber Security

Extract from Confident Cyber Security by Dr Jessica Barker © 2020 is reproduced with permission from Kogan Page Ltd.


Dr Barker said, “Confident Cyber Security helps academics specialising in cyber security with communicating core cyber security concepts to students, with delivering outreach activities and with designing and advocating the development of more interdisciplinary cyber security degree programmes. The book highlights the breadth of the cyber security field, the extent to which cyber security is about technical, human and physical issues and the variety of careers that make up the discipline. Confident Cyber Security would also help academics who are not cyber security specialists, but work in linked fields, understand cyber security and how their discipline relates to it.”

Professor Li said, “It was a great pleasure to have worked with Jessica on the book project. Cyber security is an area where we need more skilled professionals and are currently seeing a great shortage in talent. As an intrinsically interdisciplinary subject, more people can pursue a cyber security career, even those with a non-technical background. For instance, Jessica herself completed a BA in Social and Political Studies at the University of Sheffield, an MA in Research Methodology and a PhD in Civic Design at the University of Liverpool, and she is now one of the top 20 most influential women in cyber security in the UK. I hope the book and my own small story can encourage and inspire more pupils and college students to pursue a cyber security career, and those working in a different area to consider switching into a cyber security career pathway.”

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