Dr Jason Nurse to speak at Sophos Evolve Cyber Security Summit

Jason Nurse Sophos

Dr Jason Nurse, Senior Lecturer in Cyber Security at the School of Computing and Public Engagement Lead of Kent Interdisciplinary Research Centre in Cyber Security, will give a talk about his latest research at the Sophos Evolve Cyber Security Summit taking place on Tuesday 17th and Wednesday 18th November 2020.

Sophos is a UK-based cyber security company and big name in enterprise and personal security suite products.

Jason will join a host of industry experts in threat intelligence, security awareness, hacking techniques, cyber security and more, to share their work, present research findings and discuss how we can tackle today’s cyber security challenges.

Jason will speak about his latest research, which suggests that companies still don’t know how to communicate effectively to the public and media, following a cyber-security attack. In this session he will share a practical playbook for effective communication after cybersecurity incidents, to help businesses better prepare for and mitigate the risks of reputational damage.

Dr Nurse commented, “Good cyber risk management involves preparing for the unfortunate reality of a data breach. Preparation involves technical but also social aspects, including plans for corporate communication announcements and activities. In this talk, I explore these in more detail and discuss the playbook that we’ve proposed to help businesses respond effectively”.

Further information on the playbook can be found in Jason’s research article, here: