Five reasons a computer science conversion degree can suit any graduate

students at a computer screen

Computer science could not be more important in the digital age we live in today. From cyber security to automated technology and web development, businesses in many sectors are looking to recruit tech-savvy experts. Yet, there are often misconceptions that computer science is only a higher education route for those who already have a background in computing – or that an undergraduate degree in a different field of expertise would be irrelevant to a career involving computer application.

Dr Rogério de Lemos, Director of Graduate Studies (Taught) at the School of Computing, has provided five reasons why a computer science master’s conversion degree can in fact support graduates in various disciplines with their future career paths.

Many people associate computer science with technical expertise only, yet expertise from different fields is so important.

For example, in the previous academic year I taught a Psychology undergraduate who pursued the Computer Science – MSc with a focus on cyber security and artificial intelligence. His social psychology background made a critical difference to his studies as his understanding of human interaction and behaviours gave him a different perspective. Graduates really can tailor their direction of study to the choice of career they may be looking to pursue.

Technologies and types of computer application are ever changing. 

What would have been considered innovative ten years ago is now invalid and there needs to be new expertise coming into the industry to keep things moving forward. Therefore, it’s an exciting space for graduates to enter without needing to worry about technology from the past.

You do not need previous experience with programming and coding.

A conversion degree will provide background into these areas to support your future career. For example, we’ve had students who have studied undergraduate degrees in Business who have gone on to create apps themselves for use in business through the Computer Science – MSc.

There is a low risk factor with a computer science master’s conversion degree.

This is due to the choice of career fields after the completion. This makes it a good investment for the future.

Computer science expertise is in demand.

According to an article by Glassdoor, data scientists, software engineers, data analysts and software developers were all in the top 10 most in-demand jobs for 2019. This just goes to show that the future of careers which have computer science at their core are diverse and growing.