Chinese Professors work together to buy PPE for UK hospitals

Shujun Li

Professor Shujun Li has been working with the Association of British Chinese Professors (ABCP) to raise funds to support the NHS in its response to the Covid-19 pandemic. The money raised has been used to buy personal protection equipment (PPE) for ten UK hospitals.

As well as being a Professor of Cyber Security at the University of Kent, Shujun is also the Vice President for Internal Communication and Public Relations of ABCP.  With the joint effort of its members and associated members across the UK, the following has been achieved so far:

  • 1000 FFP2 face masks, donated to Chelsea and Westminster Hospital, London
  • 1000 FFP2 face masks, donated to UCL Hospital London
  • 400 FFP2 face masks, donated to St Mary Hospital, Imperial College London
  • 3500 safety goggles and 7000 full face visors donated to seven hospitals in London, Cambridge, Birmingham and Coventry.

Shujun commented:

“I have been lucky to be able to play my part in such a great project organised by the ABCP. It made me feel more useful society’s fight against Covid-19, while staying day and night at home. I have been deeply moved by many British Chinese who have kindly provided their help in many different ways, e.g., donating money, providing information about potential PPE vendors in China, liaising with NHS hospitals and other organisations in need of PPE, liaising with Chinese donors to arrange purchase, validation and transportation of PPE, and helping forwarding information and PPE to NHS staff and other essential workers.”

He added, “My role in the team has been internal communications and public relations, including maintaining a dedicated web portal for the project and helping verify donations from ABCP members and the general public. Together with a number of other Chinese academics working at the University of Kent, we also helped receive hundreds of PPE items from China and re-distributed them to local people in need, some working at NHS hospitals or medical clinics.”

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