A chance to learn Erlang for free

Many people are using the Covid-19 lockdown as an opportunity to learn new skills. If learning more about the Erlang programming language has been on your to-do list, then you are in luck.

A MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) Functional Programming in Erlang will be available from 4 May 2020 on the FutureLearn platform. The course is free and designed for anyone with prior programming experience, whether self-taught or professional.

This University of Kent designed course will teach theory and practice, through practical exercises and suggested projects and includes:

  • Getting started programming in Erlang
  • Programs and functions in Erlang
  • Data structures using lists
  • Tools for Erlang programming
  • Functions as data, and higher-order functions
  • Case studies

You’ll learn with Professor Simon Thompson co-author of one of the standard introductions to Erlang, O’Reilly Media’s Erlang Programming.