Awards for graduating Master’s students

Graduating students and staff celebrated the success of Master’s prize winners. The awards were presented by Head of School Professor Richard Jones at a School reception on Friday 22 November 2019.

School of Computing Postgraduate Project Prize

This prize is awarded for the best Master’s Computing Project. The students who are prize winners are those who achieved the highest marks.The award was given to the four students who all had the outstanding mark of 85% for their project:

  • Mr Guillaume Julien
  • Mr Theophile Marcel Alain Champion
  • Miss Julie Clothilde Lea Tiercelin
  • Miss Zhaneta Petrova Georgieva

of the four prize winners, two were able to attend on the day

From Project Supervisor Jason Nurse –

“Zhaneta is one of the hardest working students I have ever met. She is driven, engaged and always open to feedback to improve her work. I think that she is thoroughly deserving of this prize — I know how much effort she put into her dissertation project! Well done Jani!”

From project supervisor Marek Grzes –

“Theophile is an usually bright, yet polite and modest, student who did a challenging, research-oriented masters project. His motivation and self-discipline were exemplary because he was finishing his compulsory assessments in only 10% of the time allocated for assessments. This way he could pursue his own interests and work on his MSc project in the remaining 90% of his time at the university. As a result, he managed to produce high-quality research.”

School of Computing Postgraduate Prize for an outstanding performance on the programme

This annual prize is awarded by the School of Computing for an outstanding performance on the programme overall is awarded to Theophile Champion.  Theophile achieved the extraordinary overall average mark of 85.9%. We are delighted that he has continued to be part of the School of Computing and is now studying for a PhD with us as part of the Computational Intelligence Research Group.


The School of Computing is accepting applications for Master’s and PhD students. If you would like to find out more, there is a Postgraduate Information Event on the evening of Thursday 5 December.