Computing students among 100 most influential people shaping British technology

The undergraduate students who beat Apple to building a web player for Apple Music

Placement students at Cupertino

James Jarvis, Raphaël Vigée, Filip Grębowski and Brychan Bennett-Odlum have been named in Business Insider’s UK Tech 100 for their development of their own open-source web based player for Apple Music.

Every year, Business Insider, the largest business news site on the web, tracks down and showcases the 100 most influential and interesting people impacting the British technology industry.

The students came to Business Insider’s attention when it was announced earlier this year that they had attracted the attention of Apple with their new music service, Musish.

Having realised that Apple does not offer a web player for its music service in the same way that the likes of Spotify does, the students, all of whom were participating in the Cisco International Internship Program in California during the Year in Industry part of their computer science degree, developed their own open-source web based player for Apple Music.

During May, the team was invited by Apple to meet with some of their executives at Cupertino. While the particular details of that meeting remain private, James Jarvis described it as ‘extremely positive’ and ‘encouraging’.

Apple separately launched its own web interface for Apple Music in September.

Business Insider said: ‘If your product’s good enough, big tech can’t help but pay attention — even if you’re still in college‘.

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