Year In Computing Kickstart Lunch

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Many students are keen to learn the tech skills that will make them stand out to a graduate employer, or simply want to learn more about computing for their own interests. The Year in Computing gives Kent students from any subject area* the opportunity to add a Year in Computing to their degree to help improve their skills and employability. This extra year can be taken after stage 2 or any subsequent year of your degree (including your final year).

Students interested in finding out more about the Year in Computing are invited to a kickstart lunch with FREE Pizza on Tuesday 22 January from 12.30 – 14.00  in Cornwallis South West, room 101. Please book a place at the kickstart lunch.

The ‘Year in Computing’ will be an addition to your current degree and it should be possible to extend your student finances for an extra year. You will not only learn coding and web skills, but also how to analyse data and how to make computer systems that people will find it easy to engage with.

The Year in Computing will especially be of interest to students if;

  • they are interested in studying computing AND their current degree,
  • they would like to get prepared for a career in tech,
  • they are interested in exploring the frontiers of their subject and computing,
  • they want to learn how to be creative with computing.

Kent graduate, Allana Bailey, BA Economics and Politics with a Year in Computing, 2018, said ‘I never expected to be going into computing but I did the Year in Computing and enjoyed pretty much everything, and that is how I found my new career.’  Find out more in the video below.

More details are available at:


*with the exception of students from the School of Computing and School of Psychology