Jason Nurse features in article in the Kentish Gazette on cybercrime

Jason Nurse portrait

Dr Jason Nurse, from the School of Computing, featured in an article in the Kent Gazette on Thursday 13 December on safeguarding yourself against the rise in online crime.

The article looks at some of the elaborate scams fraudsters use to trick unsuspecting victims out of millions of pounds in Kent each year, including a recent ‘sextortion’ scam which includes users’ real password and claims to have taken over their webcams and accessed their social media accounts.

Jason commented ‘The cyber criminals of today use incredibly sophisticated methods. They run it like a proper business and the amounts of money they stand to make are incredible’

The article also looks at how to avoid cybercrime and offers advice from the Get Safe Online organisation, a public/private sector organisation supported by the government and leading organisations in banking, retail, internet security and other sectors, and raises concerns around over sharing on social media.

The full article is available in the Kentish Gazette published on Thursday 13 December and online at www.kentonline.co.uk/kent/news/sextortion-scam-warning-195357/