Promotion to Professor for Peter Rodgers

Pater Rodgers

Congratulations to Peter Rodgers who has been promoted to Professor in the School of Computing with effect from 1 October 2018.

Peter researches information visualization. This involves the automatic generation of diagrams that represent complex interactions. In particular, Euler Diagrams and Graphs have interesting properties and are applied in a great variety of areas. He also studies network data mining methods and applications of artificial intelligence to visualization and data mining. His work covers the theory, implementation and evaluation of these computer systems.

Peter commented ‘Going ahead, big data and advanced artificial intelligence systems are widely seen as a global challenge in computer science. Getting software systems to work with ever larger data sets will be a major focus of my research efforts.’

The Head of School said ‘Peter has a great reputation for his work on diagramming, an area that is surprisingly challenging but has real world impact, e.g. in creating more comprehensible Metro maps. This promotion is a very well deserved recognition of a colleague who contributed strongly to the leadership in the School of Computing.’