New lecturer joins School of Computing


Dr Özgür Kafalı has joined the University of Kent as a lecturer in the School of Computing. Özgür is a member of the Cyber Security Research Group and is based at the Canterbury campus.

Özgür Kafalı received his undergraduate, MS, and PhD degrees from Boğaziçi University, one of the top universities in Turkey. During his MS and PhD, he developed Artificial Intelligence agents for e-commerce as well as working as a software developer and architect in the industry. After finishing his PhD, he got his first postdoc appointment at Royal Holloway University of London, where he worked on an EU project aiming to improve the lives of diabetic patients. He then moved to North Carolina State University to experience research practices on both sides of the ocean. His work was funded by the Science of Security project from the National Security Agency of the US.

“I always had an interest in cybersecurity and privacy research, especially regarding human factors and sociotechnical systems. I am delighted to be able to pursue my research interests and disseminate them further to students as a lecturer at the University of Kent.”

Özgür has constantly published his research in prestigious venues for Artificial Intelligence and Software Engineering. Özgür’s views on sociotechnical cybersecurity and privacy are recognized in a recent IEEE online article.