Year in Computing launches for 2018

Many students are keen to learn the tech skills that will make them stand out to a graduate employer, or simply want to learn more about computing for their own interests.

The School of Computing offers a ‘Year in Computing‘ for all Kent undergraduate students*. This extra year can be taken after stage 2 or the final year of a students’ current degree programme.

Students interested in finding out more can come to a kickstart lunch on Wednesday 6 December at 12.30 in SW101, Cornwallis South, to find out more.

The Year in Computing will especially be of interest to you if;

  • you are interested in studying computing AND their current degree,
  • you would like to get prepared for a career in tech,
  • you are interested in exploring the frontiers of their subject and computing,
  • you want to learn how to be creative with computing.

The Year in Computing’s cohort of students have come from a wide range of academic disciplines and have been very positive about learning computing in addition to their original degree.

In anonymous feedback students listed the aspects of the programme they liked, including:

  • when my code actually works
  • the range of different subjects/information behind Computing
  • learning different programming languages
  • the photo examples in lectures
  • engaging with my lecturers both in and out of classes
  • I really understand the content and don’t feel stupid for asking questions


*with the exception of students from the School of Computing and School of Psychology