Kent students involved in launch of makerspace studio in Dover

Visitors at the launch of the Creative Start up Space in Dover

Students from the School of Computing have played an integral role in helping to launch a makerspace studio in Dover that will house cutting-edge technologies such as 3D printers and laser cutting machines.

The Creative Start Up Space was opened on Saturday 28 October at the Future Foundry building by the Mayor of Dover, Cllr Neil Rix. The venue is designed to give young people the opportunity to learn how to use new and emerging technologies to develop new skills and businesses.

Professor Sally Fincher and Senior Makerspace Technician Dan Knox from the School of Computing were integral to the launch by providing support and guidance to Future Foundry about the equipment they should purchase for the space such as 3D printers.

Students Elliot Carr and Joe Harrison from the School of Computing’s TinkerSocsociety took part in the open day by demonstrating how these machines work and what they can be used for, including showcasing some of the ways in which they are used on courses at the University to test and build objects that could have real-world uses.

The Creative Start Up Space will now start accepting people aged 16-30 to sign-up for a one-year course and deliver workshops for the wider community. They will continue to work with the School of Computing for help and guidance whenever required.