Reducing identity theft with verifiable credentials – Think Kent video

As part of the University of Kent Think Kent series – a collection of YouTube videos celebrating research with international impact at the University – Professor David Chadwick explores why identity theft is so easy to enact today over the Internet, and how it can be prevented by utilising the latest research in verifiable credentials.

Verifiable credentials can prove your entitlements to an Internet service by utilising strong cryptographic techniques, without using a username and password. This technology is becoming available in the latest smart phones and web browsers. David illustrates the concepts with a demonstration that has been built by his colleagues at the University of Toulouse, France.

David W Chadwick, BSc, PhD is Professor of Information Systems Security at the University of Kent. He has published widely, with over 140 publications in international journals, conferences and workshops.

David’s research is in identity management, policy based authorisation, privacy protection, the management of trust, cloud security and Internet security in general. He has worked with many external organisations during his career, including the NHS, banks, local authorities and multinational organisations, in order to help them apply the latest security techniques to protect their organisations.