Top conference accepts three papers from School

POPL 2017 logo

Three papers from members of the School have been accepted to a leading conference. The Symposium on Principles of Programming Languages (POPL) is the leading venue for theoretical and experimental programming language and systems research.

Radu Grigore and Mark Batty are both members of the Programming Languages and Systems Research Group in the School of Computing. The accepted papers are:

– R. Grigore, Java Generics are Turing Complete

– J. Wickerson, M. Batty, T. Sorensen, G. Constantinides,
Automatically Comparing Memory Consistency Models

– S. Flur, S. Sarkar, C. Pulte, K. Nienhuis, L. Maranget, K. Gray, A. Sezgin, M. Batty, P. Sewell,  Mixed-size Concurrency: ARM, POWER, C/C++11, and SC

The POPL 2017 conference is organised by the Association for Computing Machinery Special Interest Group on Programming Languages (ACM SIGPLAN). The conference will take place in Paris on Wednesday 18 to Friday 20 January 2017.