Student David Meakin to teach tech skills in Uganda

Pupils in Ugandan classroom at computers

Computing with a Year in Industry student David Meakin is planning to spend his summer vacation teaching tech skills in one of the world’s poorest countries. He will be spending a month in Uganda project managing a programme which uses hardware donated by UK-based charities to teach basic coding and digital skills.

David said: ‘Students will learn how to create static web sites, social media integration and how to get the most out of a site. I will also be teaching basic java and python that could be used by students to eventually develop their own applications. Technology is a great enabler; allowing those who are given the opportunity to capture their creativity and get themselves out of poverty. No matter what your background may be, if you’re a great coder, you’re a great coder and these students’ skills could be used to create the next billion dollar selling app.’

In Uganda extreme poverty rates have been cut by more than half since 1990 but it is still one of the world’s poorest countries where 1.2 million children are orphans and as few as 16% of children go to secondary school. I will be teaching at the Ruhanga Development School and for some children this school is their only chance to get educated, learning skills that enable them to raise themselves and their families above the poverty line.

Medway-based student David has been working for local government in Kent for his Year in Industry, using technology to transform local services and will return to University for the final year of his degree in September.

David’s JustGiving page has more information about his trip and can be used to contribute to The Ruhanga Development School. He will also be blogging about his experience.