Year in Computing launched

Female and male computing student with laptop

Many students are keen to learn the tech skills that will make them stand out to a graduate employer, or simply want to learn more about computing for their own interests.

The School of Computing is now offering a ‘Year in Computing’ for all Kent undergraduate students. This extra year can be taken after stage 2 or the final year of a students’ current degree programme.

The Year in Computing will especially be of interest to students if;

  • they are interested in studying computing AND their current degree,
  • they would like to get prepared for a career in tech,
  • they are interested in exploring the frontiers of their subject and computing,
  • they want to learn how to be creative with computing.

Colin Johnson who is heading up the programme said; ‘We have had a very positive response from students across all disciplines about the Year in Computing. The students who have been accepted on to the programme so far have a range of reasons for wanting to study computing, from opening up their career options to adding a formal qualification that demonstrates their interest in computing.’

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