Anna Jordanous completes marathon in aid of academic collaborator

Anna Jordanous runs marathon on banks of Thames

Dr Anna Jordanous, Lecturer in the School of Computing has completed a ‘wet, windy, rainy, and crazily muddy’ marathon to fundraise for a friend.

Anna completed the Thames Meander Marathon in aid of her friend and collaborator Alan Stanley who was recently paralysed in an accident.

‘I finished my marathon, running every step of the way and running a personal best of 4:38. I’m very happy indeed, as I had a target of 4:45 to beat and my previous best was 4:56.

‘More than once on the day of the marathon, it helped me a lot to think about my friend Alan, for whom I am raising money. It makes fundraising very personal when you can see exactly where that money will go and what it will do for a person’s life.
‘If anyone else would still like to sponsor me, then that would be great! You can donate online here if you don’t mind donating in Canadian dollars and can find out more about the circumstances that have led up to Alan needing donations