Find out who won – staff or students

A radio quiz featuring a student and a staff member from the School of Computing will be broadcast at 3pm on Monday 14 April. The 3rd Degree is BBC Radio 4’s lively university-based quiz show where teams of undergraduate students challenge their lecturers in a public display of their knowledge.

The Kent academic team includes the School of Computing’s Colin Johnson and final year student Steve Farrugia represents Computing on the student team.

Comedian, Steve Punt, known for ‘The Now Show’ and ‘Horrible Histories’, hosted the recording for the show in Darwin College, on 11 November 2013.

Steve Farrugia said: “It was a really good experience. The students had an advantage over the academics on some of the popular culture knowledge, like the Breaking Bad questions, but I never knew that Colin was such an expert on classical music!”

Colin added: “It will be interesting to hear how they edit the recording down to fit in the broadcast time as we were sometimes asked to repeat or rephrase things. We can’t say who won, but it is fair to say that both the staff and student teams did Kent proud and it was a close-run quiz.”

The 3rd Degree travels to universities around the country, and Kent was one of six venues chosen for the current series.