Head of School Reappointed

Professor Frank Wang has been reappointed as Head of School for a second term. An interview committee, chaired by Vice-Chancellor Julia Goodfellow, was impressed by the progress the School is making and therefore agreed to re-appoint Frank as Head of the School of Computing. After the interview, Julia wrote to Frank saying “It was great to hear your vision and recognise the successes of the school.”

Frank said: “I am pleased to take on the role of Head of School for another term. I look forward to continuing to work with staff and students to consolidate the success that has been achieved over the past years. I think the School is a rewarding, enjoyable workplace and it is important that we continue to support one another and build on this situation. I would like to thank everyone in the School for all their hard work over recent years and emphasise that I need and value their continued support during my next term of office.  Together we are a great team with an exciting future.”