10:00-10:30  arrival and welcome

10:30-11:10  George Bailey (Manchester) – Regional variation in 140 characters: mapping geospatial tweets

11:10-11:40  Jonathan Stevenson (York) – Mapping regional variation in the ditransitive in British English using geo-located Twitter data

11:40-12:10  coffee break

12:10-12:40  Mercedes Durham (Cardiff) – Navigating Twitter data: distinguishing treasure from dead ends

12:40-1:10  Christian Ilbury (QMUL) – ‘Sassy Queens’: Stylistic Orthographic Variation and Stance in Twitter

1:10-2:30  lunch

2:30-3:00  Laura BaileyChristina Kim (Kent) – Tracking a shift in focus particle usage using Twitter

3:00-3:30  Clément Thibert & Jean-Philippe Magué (ENS Lyon) – Twitter as Corpus for Sociolinguistic Variationist Studies: Challenges of Using Sketchy Data

3:30-4:10  David Willis (Cambridge) – Using Twitter to investigate the diffusion of syntactic innovations

4:10-6:30  coffee and discussion