Disability History Month December 2018

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As Disability History Month 2018 draws to a close some inspiring student profiles curated by Kent Union were shared online.  The project entitled “Don’s Dis My Ability” was thought up and run by Omolade Adedapo and Kimberley Ubendran.

These included one by Krysia Waldock, PhD Student at the Tizard Centre.

“I’m an autistic PhD researcher at the Tizard Centre exploring attitudes towards autism in different faith communities and faith spaces. I’m a rotational panellist on BBC Radio Kent on the Sunday Breakfast show, talking about news from a faith perspective (which I really enjoy and hence the photograph), write my own blog (http://krysiawally.blogspot.com) and a proofreader for the GradPost.

Apart from my keen interest in media and all things writing, I love animals and spend far too long watching YouTube. My first degree was in German and French, so have enjoyed much travelling before my PhD.

Disability History Month is important to me to as it gives a voice and agency to disabled and neurodiverse students, letting us write our own narrative. This does not happen enough, and if it does, it’s usually tokenistic. The university can do so much more for disabled and neurodivergent students. It’s about time conversations started happening with us there.”

The other student profiles can be viewed using this link


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