Asperger’s and well-being: invitation to participate in PhD Research

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“The relationship between interests and well-being”

Summer Hubble, Researcher at Canterbury Christ Church University is carrying out a study looking at the possible link  between leisure interests and well-being. She is interested to see if the special interests of autistic individuals benefit well-being differently to the interests of non-autistic individuals. You do not need an autism or Asperger’s diagnosis to take part.

 If you decide to take part in the study, you will be asked to answer a series of questions, by giving them a rating (for example, 1-5). These questions will ask you about different activities that you may or may not take part in, how often you do them, and how much you enjoy them. You will also be asked questions on your well-being, such as how happy you are, and a small number of questions that some people might find sensitive, such as whether or not you have a current mental health problem and/or any psychological diagnosis. You do not have to answer these questions if you do not wish to.

This is an online survey and to participate you need to go to the following link:

If you wish to contact Summer you can do this by email:





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