Its a knock out!

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Rachel Forrester-Jones, Director, attended the Lions Club International event (East Kent)  on Sunday 2 May, on behalf of Tizard, who continue to sponsor the event.  Across the UK  the Lions hold an annual special day for those with profound intellectual and physical disabilities.  The East Kent group brought together 4 organisations: Turning Point, The John Graham Centre, SNAAP and Footprints to partake in It’s a Knock Out games. Individuals were accompanied by family and carers and had a great time including lunch, a disco and the essential medal awards ceremony.

Lions continue to be grateful for the support from the Tizard Centre and to Rachel for presenting the prizes.

“A totally worthwhile event – lots of different services there and the individuals with IDD who participated were clearly enjoying the day.  A very nice collaboration for Tizard” Rachel

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