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Gabor Petri, PhD student at the Tizard Centre, recently presented a paper at the Kent Critical Law Society Conference 2017  “Disability rights in times of crisis – critical perspectives by advocates and self-advocates with autism or learning disabilities”.

Disabled people have long been disadvantaged in society: they lack access to public services and are more likely to live in poverty and are often denied full legal capacity.  Human rights have been seen as effective tools to bring about progressive changes in society.  Gabor’s paper appraised the core principles and provisions of the CRPD (Convention on the Rights of Persons with disabilities) particularly focusing on opinions of advocates and self-advocates with autism and intellectual disabilities.

The Conference is run by a student led critical lawyers’ group and is an annual event at the University attracting students, academics and practitioners.  This year’s event sought to critically explore questions about ‘Law in Times of Crisis’.




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