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Serena Brady & Dr Nick Gore were presented with an award for their outstanding paper on early intervention at the Jim Mansell Memorial Lecture last Friday. “Early intervention for children with learning disabilities: making use of what we know” Tizard Learning Disability Review.  Michelle McCarthy also won a prize for the best TLDR reviewer.



The lecture & dinner were held in the Darwin Conference Suite and alongside a interesting talk from Prof David Felce “50 years back, 50 years forward: deinstitutionalisation and post-deinstitutionalisation…” the annual student Tizard prize giving also took place.

This year’s prize winners:
Best UG mark prize awarded to Elisabeth Gale
Best Masters mark awarded to Pak Chiu
Outstanding work and effort awarded to Rebecca Monteleone
Best mark in an Autism Foundation Degree awarded to Catharina Darvell
Best mark in a Tizard Final Year module:  this prize was shared by 7 people who all achieved the same mark – Ellena Horne, Naomi Overton, Rachel Weaver, Emma Denby, Susannah Davis, Andrew Wilson and Fabbiha Akthar
Edward Newell prize 2016  awarded to Hilary Fertig

Many congratulations to all the prize winners.






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