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Last week’s article published in the HPFT (Hertfordshire Partnership Trust) news; “In the Spotlight” focuses on Dr Peter Langdon, senior lecturer in clinical psychology and disability (Tizard Centre) and who also holds an honorary contract with HPFT, where he runs weekly clinical sessions .  These short articles look at the person’s role and latest research project/interests.

Pete’s main focus in on working with collaborators across the country to try to develop better treatments and health care systems for people with developmental disabilities.  He is currently working on a new study “mATCH” funded by NIHR and involving people with autism who are detained in hospital under the Mental Health Act or Mental Capacity Act.  “People with AuTism detailed with hospitals: defining the population, understanding aetiology and improving Care patHways”.  It is hoped that this research will help to design better inpatient services and directly benefit patients by minimising the risk of them being in restrictive hospital settings for longer than necessary.

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