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The Researching All Together Group (RAG) at the Tizard Centre is made up of service users who have been advising Tizard staff and students on aspects of their research such as commenting on information sheets, questionnaires, conference abstracts, accessible reports and other dissemination materials.

Researchers at the centre support the group to learn about how research is carried out. As part of the group’s remit they are working towards developing their own research ideas, as well as suggesting research priorities for funding.

The group met in June and discussed attending the next Tizard Centre Study Day meeting as well as looking at the availability and quality of images/symbols for information sheets that are sent to potential research participants.  The group have also been supporting work to develop an accessible version of the Tizard web pages so that people with learning disabilities and autism and their carers can find out more about our research findings….watch this space!

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