Autism Conference in Greece

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Dr Peter Baker, Dr Peter Langdon and Professor Glynis Murphy from Tizard have returned from a 3 day Autism Conference in May hosted by a regional association in Larisa, Greece’s 4th biggest city.  The Association held a very successful conference with over 600 people attending including parents and professionals.  Speakers included Lesley Love (Headteacher at Rainbow School for children with autism), Professor Rita Jordan (Emeritus Professor Birmingham University), Professor Richard Hastings (Warwick University) and Dr Steve Noone & Professor Patrick Bolton (Institute of Psychiatry).

On behalf of the Association of Parents, Guardians and Friends of People with Autism, Larissa Prefecture, I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for your participation to the conference, which was extremely honorable for all of us and for your contribution to the huge success of the event which again it was to a great extent due to your presence here.

 The conference apart from the dissemination of knowledge also helped us with promoting autism awareness locally in our city, region but also nationwide. The feedback we got  by reading the evaluation forms completed by the participants was really rewarding for all of us – as everyone seemed very pleased by the talks, the topics and the organization of the event.

Eri Kalogeropoulou, President of the Larisa Autism Association 

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