Consultancy with schools from Rogaland, Norway

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Tizard Centre hosted a visit from 12 senior staff from special education departments within schools from the Rogaland Region of Norway. There were staff from six different schools across the region all providing for young people aged 16-20 with intellectual disabilities, autism and some of whom show behaviour that challenges.
On Thursday 19th March Julie Beadle-Brown and Nick Gore ran a workshop at Whitstable Castle focusing on promoting positive outcomes for children and young adults with intellectual disabilities and autism. The session provided our visitors with an introduction to person-centred approaches and in particular  active support, autism friendly practices and positive behavioural support, as well as a rather delicious afternoon tea!   On Friday the group met again with Julie Beadle-Brown to discuss implications of what they had heard on Friday and the next steps for their schools.  Their visit culminated with their attendance at the Jim Mansell Memorial Lecture & Dinner.

This visit is part of an ongoing collaboration between the Tizard Centre and Rogaland Region where both Julie Beadle-Brown and Nick Gore have provided workshops and been providing support to schools in terms of introducing person-centred approaches and in particular thinking about how to better support those young people that show behaviour that challenges.
On 26th March Julie Beadle-Brown will present a workshop on Active Support on the Island of Karmoy in the North of Rogaland.
In May, Julie and Nick will spend a week in one school training staff in active support, the SPELL framework for supporting people with autism and in positive behaviour support as well as working with families and other stakeholders.



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