Stop the abuse and neglect of people with a learning disability

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Following the dreadful abuse of people with a learning disability at Winterbourne View last year an interim report has been prepared.  Viv Cooper, Chief Executive of the Challenging Behaviour Foundation,  is urging all of those effected by such issues to email their MP’s to tell them that the government’s final review and recommendations must demonstrate strong leadership and take action to deliver real change.


Many families who contact the Challenging Behaviour Foundation describe how their relatives are stuck in institutional-style services, far away from home and their loved ones, where they remain for long periods of time, isolated and at risk of abuse and neglect.  This must stop.  As a result of the Panorama programme, the Government is publishing a review later this year.  It is crucial that the results in action to drive change so that people with a learning disability get the support and services they need to lead a fulfilling life close to home …..  I am very concerned that their initial proposals will not result in the action that’s needed.  The report covers the right issues, but doesn’t offer strong national leadership to make change happen…..  There have been too many scandals and we have waited too long for change to happen.  We must not keep putting people’s sons and daughters at risk.

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