A provisional programme for the conference is now available. Full details will be confirmed closer to the date:

Wednesday 24 June 2020

15.30: Refreshments

16.00: Symposium on Time in Physics

Oliver Pooley (Oxford), Christian Wüthrich (Geneva), Karen Crowther (Oslo)

18.00: Kentish Beer Reception

19.30: Dinner in Canterbury


Thursday 25 June 2020

09.15: Refreshments

09.30: What General Relativity does and doesn’t say about time

Ann C Thresher (UC San Diego)

10.45: Refreshments

11.00: Open Sessions:
Session 1: Kasia Jaszczolt (Cambridge); Jamie Taylor (Durham); Heather Dyke (Otago)
Session A: Bapiste Le Bihan (Geneva); Stav Zalel (Imperial); Michael te Vrugt (Münster)

13.00: Lunch (provided)

14.15: Giuliano Torrengo (Milan/Barcelona)

15.30: Refreshments

Free afternoon to explore Canterbury and its environs.
Weather permitting, there will be a walk to Whitstable, and with the option of fish and chips by the sea (not provided).


Friday 26 June 2020

09.45: Refreshments

10.00: Symposium on Ethics

Kristie Miller (Sydney), John O’Neill (Manchester), Natalja Deng (Yonsei)

12.00: Snack buffet lunch

Conference ends