Paul Cartwright

MBA 2023, UK

Paul Cartwright

As an effective leader with over 30 years’ experience in the facilities management (FM) industry, I can display a proven track record of senior leadership in large complex environments in both operational management and capital development.

Starting my career as an electrical engineer in the Royal Navy, I have steadily developed myself through experience and knowledge acquisition and subsequently used a strong technical background and an excellent understanding of FM service delivery to build teams and relationships within the FM industry.

Top achievements

  1. Successfully forged a partnership between the projects and estates departments ensuring successful handovers of knowledge and information. This resulted in projects being delivered on time, without extensive re-work and meeting not only the clinical requirements but also the expectations of the remaining stakeholders.
  2. Whilst with Lorne Stewart, I have established a team of over 50 people that grew the base value contract 400% with additional capital extras valued c£3m per annum. This team was recognised as providing an ‘Outstanding contribution to Lorne Stewart’ at the 2010 Awards ceremony.
  3. Developed and implemented a comprehensive risk assessment process which was adopted company wide. Utilised troubleshooting skills to identify and implement new and improved processes and procedures to establish clear methodologies for enhanced performance throughout my business.

What attracted you to the MBA programme at Kent Business School and why?

I had been looking for an MBA programme and the link up with the senior leadership apprenticeship made it an attractive package. Being able to combine the MBA whilst still working appeals to my experiential development through the application of academic and practical skills in the workplace.

What are your motivations for undertaking an MBA

Further development of my career through a broadening of business knowledge.

What are your future aspirations?

To utilise my new found knowledge towards gaining a board level position within the healthcare facilities management sector.

What is your best advice for those wanting to progress in business?

Treat every day as an opportunity to better yourself, be it through learning or understanding how things work together.

“There are no secrets to success. It is the result of preparation, hard work and learning from failure.”

– Colin Powell