Ahmed Abdulsalam

MBA 2023, Egypt

Ahmed Abdulsalam

A mechanical engineer with extensive expertise spanning more than ten years, primarily focused on water, oil and gas industries. My professional background is characterised by a remarkable proficiency in fostering and nurturing relationships. My strong desire lies in contributing to the welfare of the community by actively participating in the development and implementation of strategies and practices aimed at promoting the sustainable growth and efficient management of the water industry. I am driven by a passion for ensuring that this vital resource is harnessed and utilised optimally to benefit both the environment and society at large.

Top achievements

  1. Introducing practical implementations in the field of infra-structure projects of optimising the environmental and economical long-range projects planning and designs.
  2. Integrating sustainability goals into the strategies of various water companies and governmental entities.
  3. Introducing a new range of products that contribute to the achievement of sustainability and environmental impact goals on various international markets.

What attracted you to the MBA programme at Kent Business School and why?

In my career journey, I believe that pursuing an MBA degree is the next logical step. An MBA will help me excel in a leadership position and manage teams effectively. It is my goal to gain a deeper understanding of business as well as widen my skillset. While I have a deep understanding of the industry, an MBA will allow me to develop a complementary and holistic perspective on business operations, strategy, and decision-making. Furthermore, I am seeking connections with like-minded individuals from diverse backgrounds.

What are your motivations for undertaking an MBA

The MBA programme will offer me many opportunities for collaboration and networking with peers, alumni, and industry experts, which will be beneficial to my professional development. I am seeking challenges and opportunities for personal growth. Getting an MBA is academically rigorous and requires discipline, time management, and critical thinking skills, all of which are imperative to personal development. I also think that earning an MBA at this stage in my career will allow me to become a well-rounded and effective business leader.