Megan Houghton

MBA 2023, UK

Megan Houghton

A Thanet native with a family deeply rooted in public service — my mother, a dedicated NHS manager, and my father, a diligent member of the police force. My love for literature and baking fuels my creativity and curiosity. Starting as a rota manager, I’ve journeyed to become a Deputy Manager of Operations, leveraging my knack for organisation and attention to detail. With a passion for learning and a commitment to community, I embrace the journey ahead with enthusiasm and a thirst for growth.

Top achievements

  1. Creating a harmonious working environment for all services.
  2. Successfully delivering the minor illness side of the QEQM Urgent Treatment Centre.
  3. Completing my degree.

What attracted you to the MBA programme at Kent Business School and why?

After receiving an alumni newsletter from the university, having already graduated in Ancient, Medieval and Modern History (BA Hons), I had a look on the website about the Senior Leader/MBA programme they offered and decided to apply. The variety of topics on the course appealed to me, as it does not specialise in one area and that will allow me to use it in any career field I choose in the future.

What are your motivations for undertaking an MBA

To expand my current knowledge to help my company move forward and to help in more ways at the company.

What are your future aspirations?

Currently my future aspirations are unclear, hopefully the opportunities that will arise with up-skilling myself will make things clearer.

What is your best advice for those wanting to progress in business?

Be passionate about what you do, any business ventures will fail if your heart is not in it.

“Anyone who has never made a mistake has never tried anything new.”

– Albert Einstein