Nsisong Dickson

Nsisong Dickson

MBA 2022, Nigeria

“When you stop growing, you start diminishing. Money is valuable, but knowledge is priceless.”

An expert in business development, who has successfully worked with several companies, including a construction company. I have managed sales in a real estate firm and provided innovative ways of increasing sales. Also, efficiently managed various activities at Omarcwhite Nig. LTD, including consultancy, data management, business analysis, and work programming.

In 2012, I started an African and continental restaurant and provided services for institutions like the Central Bank of Nigeria (headquarters).


  • Managed projects in a real estate firm, analysed data, and compiled a periodic report of the company activities
  • Managed sales activities in a construction firm and provided innovative ways of increasing company profits
  • Currently, the CEO of Crystal Plates Restaurant, as such I have used my accumulated knowledge to ensure my business’s growth and customer satisfaction

What attracted you to the MBA programme at Kent Business School and why?

Kent business school is one of the renowned business schools in the UK. The desire to up-skill my knowledge to a global standard led to my decision. I had a strong desire to make significant progress in my career – and a desire to diversify.


To continue to learn and apply that knowledge and skills in business development.


It’s never too late to learn. If possible, take every opportunity to learn new ways of doing things and unlearn old methods.