Betty Johnson

MBA student Betty Johnson

MBA 2022, UK

“Manifest what you want, work towards what you need, believe in what you deserve.”

I am a highly motivated and driven individual, who has a passion for success and will work hard to achieve my goals along with helping other to achieve theirs too. I started my career in education six years ago in FE, and now work in HE at the University of Kent as the Business Development, Relationships & Marketing Manager within Global and Lifelong Learning.


  • Starting and successfully running three businesses at the age of 23 alongside working full time
  • Being recognised early on in my career and becoming a ‘women in leadership’ at the age of 24
  • Providing leadership to an innovative team of 21 individuals

What attracted you to the MBA programme at Kent Business School and why?

I work for the University within Global and Lifelong Learning and have recruited and supported several apprentices through the MBA route. Not only is Kent Business School a Triple Accredited Business School, it offers a fantastic environment to learn, develop and connect with peers from all walks of life. The curriculum of Kent Business School MBA programme is designed to be relevant and practical.

There are several motivations driving me to undertake an MBA, such as career advancement, but also personal growth. I hope that the MBA will provide me with an opportunity to challenge myself, develop new skills and to gain new perspectives on business and leadership, along with valuable networking opportunities with industry professionals and fellow students.


To be able to drive my organisation forwards effectively and to stay ahead in an ever changing environment and to continue to lead, support and empower a growing workforce.


Always be willing to learn, take risks and embrace failure as an opportunity to grow. Build strong relationships and foster a culture of innovation. Anything is possible.