Rina Matsui

MBA student Rina Matsui

MBA 2022, Japan

“You must be the change you want to see in the world.” Gandhi

When I lose my way, I remember Gandhi’s aphorism as a guidepost. This stimulates my innovative thinking. I think that innovation is the key to push the envelope and will continue my journey having this aphorism as a torch to light my future.

I have experience as a qualified Tax Accountant, which is one of the most challenging qualifications in Japan, for more than 17 years. Additionally, I was one of the board members of a previous company. My clients are various types of companies and individuals, such as in the construction industry or retail industry. Throughout my career, I have gained a wide range of knowledge about the business, as well as tax strategies.


  • I was involved in the reconstructuring of the financial department of my client
  • I was involved in the rescheduling of a bank dept for my client
  • I was promoted to a board member at my former tax firm

What attracted you to the MBA programme at Kent Business School and why?

Firstly, I was attracted by fantastic modules in terms of management and leadership. Besides that, gender equality, diversity of nationalities and the environment in the class were attractive points for me. My clients are SMEs. I felt that they demand advice in terms of all kinds of business, especially management, as well as tax advice in recent years. Therefore, I became interested in an MBA. Additionally, I wanted to challenge something new, as I had just started to look back on my life. So, I decided to take the plunge and do an MBA.


I want to help my clients in terms of management or leadership, as well as tax, with more useful knowledge from the MBA. Additionally, I want to try my own business because life is only once and too short.


I think that humans are the capital in business. Building relationships and having communication are the most important factors in business. Although I thought I knew it already, I feel it more strongly since I started to study here. There are many things that are difficult to do by yourself but can be done if you cooperate with someone else. I believe that the key to make a business successful is the connections with people.