Pranav Kashyap

MBA student Pranav Kashyap

MBA 2022, India

“Technology is nothing. What is important is that you have faith in people, that they’re basically good and smart, and if you give them tools, they’ll do wonderful things with them.”

A techie by background with five years of experience in IT gives me an upper edge to learn and implement a few of the buzzwords in the market like AI, ML, RPA, NLP, etc. I was working with Accenture prior joining to Kent Business School. I am a firm believer that humans are made to do quality work not mundane. So, I’m on a mission to train people to do quality work through RPA and the latest technologies. I want to help businesses by identifying automation opportunities and allowing humans to do more quality work.


  • A certified UiPath RPA Advance developer, lean six sigma Green Belt certified and Azure cloud fundamentals certified
  • Published my courses in Udemy: ‘Ultimate Guide – UiPath 7 hands-on projects, by Pranav Kashyap’
  • Helped my organisation to automate their existing tasks and replaced it with bots which helped in savings of millions for the organisation

What attracted you to the MBA programme at Kent Business School and why?

I was looking for one-year MBA programme which provides me knowledge on HRM, Leadership Skills, Operational, Marketing and Finance. But when I saw KBS modules, which include Entrepreneurship, CSR and Sustainability, International Challenge, and the cohort with vast experience of both full-time and part-time and average work experience of 38 years, this is what attracted me to KBS. Apart from this, being in a top 1% business school in the world with triple accreditation and the study trip for consultancy work is a further attraction.

I want to explore the different verticals of the business like HRM, Leadership, Operational, so that it helps to make effective decision making and policies, which requires MBA degree to support my qualification.


I want to work with the best consultancy firms and help them to reduce their cost, increase efficiency, and implement the best policy for employees, so that employees work for the vision and mission of the organisation and can grow mutually.


Believe in your vision. Keep up-skilling yourself. Take care of human resources as they are the key for the organisation, who can either make or break it. And be humble and try to become a leader not a manager.