Dr Ezekiel Nestor Victor Arinze

MBA student Dr Nestor Arinze

MBA 2022, Nigeria

“Go the extra mile, it’s never crowded.” Dr Wayne Dyer

I am an experienced international healthcare manager with over 14 years of experience in senior managerial roles at Lafarge Africa, Aveon Offshore, Police Health Maintenance Limited, Bel Air Mining (Alufer), Europ Assistance IHS, and MIS Guinea. I have been coordinating multiple levels of healthcare administration with a pragmatic ‘make it happen’ mentality, an entrepreneurial attitude, and commercial mindset, offering strategic alliances and organisational leadership to support key healthcare business initiatives and organisational strategies effectively within the West African sub region.

I am specifically skilled in international healthcare management, onsite medical services and startups with expertise in remote and industrial sites healthcare operations, advanced trauma and emergency response planning (MERP), occupational health risk assessment and control strategies, industrial hygiene, medical systems governance (including auditing and quality control management – QA/QC), medical evacuation logistical planning/support and case management direction. With extensive industry knowledge in the mining, production, and energy industries, and a tremendous award-winning track record of substantial influence on healthcare delivery.


I received a GM site excellence award for developing and operating one of the best COVID-19 response and management teams within the client’s global network of operations, keeping the business operating at optimal capacity even at the height of the COVID-19 pandemic mid-2020 and to date. This singular achievement ensured ongoing site production activities and a profitable year close-out for the client.

From a country-level perspective, we achieved a successful project hub integration and the implementation of crucial business indices by setting up a central data management centre. This achievement led to a better understanding of the in-country health operations and challenges, business transparency requirements, implementation of change management, improved health indices and outcomes through the institutionalisation of continuous quality improvement (CQI) programmes, benchmarking of excellent behaviours, the establishment of clinical governance mechanisms and framework within the business hubs, general worker wellness programmes, and the follow-through health cost containment from these efforts.

Over the period of 14 years of senior management, I have successfully led and established four start up medical operations for various clients, three of these being remote medical site operations.

What attracted you to the MBA programme at Kent Business School and why?

In order to fulfil my professional ambition of earning an MBA, I invested a significant amount of time investigating business schools in the UK. I conducted my search using the SIUK website. It was an excellent tool. The Kent Business school’s triple crown accreditation and the supportive faculty during the application, interview, and admissions portions of the process were its key draws for me. I decided I would need an MBA for a career fast-track and to improve my profile, employability, and remuneration. I am also desirous of a course that provides an avenue for me to gain valuable transformational skills and knowledge in organisational and business leadership, so I stand out as a
21st century healthcare manager leading innovation and change in the workplace. In addition, I also sought a study that ignites my entrepreneurial spirit and leads to a personal startup sometime in the future.


Following the COVID-19 pandemic, it has become critical for me and every other goal-oriented professional to continue honing our skills and demonstrate meaningful leadership in addressing critical regional and global healthcare concerns. I am confident that through this MBA programme I will learn and develop the skills that will make me relevant in the next phase of my career development. After completing this programme, I hope to be strategically positioned as a problem solver, addressing critical issues in healthcare management. I aim to transition into that senior managerial or director role in the next organisation I get employed in. My dream job is a senior role with any of the United Nations agencies/NGOs saddled with healthcare management, and this MBA degree provides a vehicle for me to achieve this dream.


It’s definitely a good decision…